New Study Finds Early Hormone Therapy for Menopause May Prevent Heart Disease in Women

by BodyLogicMD It’s been more than a decade since the highly controversial outcomes of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) were released. Since that time, patients, researchers, and physicians have debated the safety and efficacy of hormone therapy, with many coming to the conclusion that the WHI study was poorly designed. The average age of participants … Continued

Protect Yourself from Lead Contamination and Other Environmental Exposures

by BodyLogicMD Millions of Americans rallied support when the water crisis in Flint, Michigan exposed more than 8,000 children under the age of 6 to unsafe levels of lead. However, the efforts to help Michigan bounce back were soon overshadowed by a harrowing discovery—scores of cities across the U.S. also faced a similar tragedy—they just … Continued

Who Can You Trust to Help You Manage Menopause?

Estimates show that by the year 2020, 50 million women will be over the age of 51, the average age when menopause begins. Women experiencing menopause may endure a number of symptoms—for as long as 14 years—that can seriously affect quality of life and even productivity at home or on the job, such as hot … Continued

The Best Diet for Weight Loss

By BodyLogicMD The best diet for weight loss and optimal health has been debated for nearly two decades. Research has shown, it’s a toss-up between low-fat and low-carb. A recently released study has found, once again, that both diets yield successful results for weight loss. But headlines like these are not telling you the whole … Continued

Distress in Men Signals Increased Risk of Diabetes

By BodyLogicMD  A recent research study of more than 32,500 men published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that men who experience emotional distress (preoccupations or ongoing worries that persist over six months) are almost two times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than men with more stabilized moods. Unstable moods can … Continued

Severe Menopausal Symptoms Among Risks of Sitting Too Much

  by BodyLogicMD  Sitting is an inevitable part of modern life—between the car, the office, bars and restaurants, and the couch, the time most people spend sitting adds up to thousands of hours per person per year. Sitting may seem like a relatively harmless activity, but as more and more jobs are parking people in … Continued

New Study Proves Benefits of Testosterone Therapy in Older Men

A landmark study published last month in the New England Journal of Medicine offers fresh insight into the benefits of testosterone therapy for men 65 and older. The study, which is one among seven being conducted by the National Institute on Aging to assess the efficacy and safety of testosterone therapy in men, examined the … Continued

The Right Nutrition Plan for a Healthy Heart

By BodyLogicMD Admin For decades, “low fat” has been the mantra of those seeking to promote heart health. However, new research is finding that such a blanket advisory against fat may not be the best advice for protecting heart health. In a recently released study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, researchers … Continued

Diet Rich in Berries Linked to Reduced Incidence of Erectile Dysfunction

By BodyLogicMD  It is a sensitive topic but one that any man suffering with wants to address immediately: erectile dysfunction. Instead of immediately reaching for a prescription medication such as sildenafil (commonly known as Viagra), which has a host of serious side effects such as vision loss, painful erections, and swelling in hands and feet, … Continued

How a Low-Fiber Diet Harms Your Health

By BodyLogicMD Admin Did you know low fiber diets are sweeping the nation? Probably not. That’s because the pursuit of a low-fiber diet is often unintentional. Many people set out to lose weight by cutting carbs or getting rid of gluten and end up without one very important nutrient: fiber. Fiber is a broad term … Continued