How Long Do You Have To Take Bioidentical Hormones?

I am 54 years young, and had a full hysterectomy some 9 years ago…I have been on the bio-identical hormones for approximately 4 years now…and LOVE them. My question is do you stay on them forever, or is there an age when you should start weening yourself off of them? Right after my surgery I was put on Premarin, but then when all the hoopla came about, and I learned that premarin is created from horse urine, I went off…cold turkey. Then as I started having hot flashes, not sleeping, and moodiness I experimented with over the counter treatments…black cohosh, estravin and others…only to find I was still feeling quite bitchey and not sleeping well…mild hot flashes so I asked my doctor about trying the bio-identicals…he was willing to write the prescription…and the results were immediate…now I just need to know if it is ok to stay on them forever, or at some point would I want to try to get off of them…





Since you are treating a hormone deficiency, you should expect to take them for as long as you are symptomatic.  This is why your hormones should be tested from time to time to see if therapy is neccesary.  Each individual case is different and it is possible that you will have to continue the therapy throughout your life.  Current best evidence is that hormone replacement with bioidentical hormones is safe and may offer protection against chronic disease and cancer, so you are treating more than the symptoms of menopause.


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  1. Lucia

    I have been on Bioidentical progest. 100
    Testosterone 1mg,Bi- estrogen2.5 . 1pump equals
    1ml once a day.

    My question is how long do I take this for.

    Are there any side effects? If so what are they.

    I read that testosterone can give you liver cancer
    or other types of cancer. How true is this and
    how much would you have to take in order for
    this to happen. Thank you.

    • bodylogicmd


      Once your hormones are balanced you will remain on them for the rest of our life. You may discontinue them if you wish, but your original symptoms will return. Abnormally low levels of testosterone are more associated with cancers than normal levels of testosterone. Side effects from testosterone therapy may include increased oily skin, outbreaks of acne, and additional unwanted hair growth especially if you do not rotate the sites of application. Gross overdosage with testosterone may cause signs of masculinization such as excessive muscle development, deepening of the voice and even clitorimegaly. This is why it is absolutely imperative that your symptomatology and hormone levels be monitored by a physician trained in bioidentical hormone replacement. Reports of liver problems with testosterone have involved synthetic testosterone like you have been prescribed, not bioidentical testosterone . In addition, liver problems have been associated with the oral ingestion of synthetic testosterone rather than transdermal application. I hope this helps.

      Dr. Rudy Madlang
      BodyLogicMD Salt Lake City

  2. Caryl

    I am 63 and began menopause at the age of 42. On occasion, I have very mild hot flashes, sometimes waking me up at night. I cannot find any information about women taking bioidentical hormones after menopause has ended. Or if I should be taking it at my age. Thank you.

  3. Patricia

    I started out on bioidentical hormone therapy. due to health issues i am now on Vivelle-dot .025 and prometrium 100 mg daily. For about 2 years now i have been on hormones medications among others. Are these safe medications or should I be re-tested w/ the saliva test and change back to what I was on before?

    • Bioidentical Hormones Expert


      It’s always wise to undergo saliva testing in addition to blood. This helps your doctor get a better baseline level so that he/she can treat you effectively.

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