Robin McGraw talks on "The Doctors" about Menopause and Hormones

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Dr. Phil’s better half, Robin McGraw talked on the “The Doctors” this past Monday. She explained how starting menopause was the biggest shift in her life. Her doctor at the time told her that Life as she knew it was over. That was not acceptable to Robin, so she decided to learn everything she could about hormones and her body and how they affect her skin, diet, fitness and energy levels. Robin also talked aboout sleeplessness and how it can occur every night for years for both perimenopausal and menopausal women.  Her worst symptoms when she hit menopause at 43 years old were hot flashes.

Dr Hall explains that bioidentical hormones are exactly the same hormones that women create in their own bodies, they are extracted from soy and yams. Pharmaceutical companies do make the bioidentical hormones, and then there are also the compounded hormones,” Dr. Hall says.  Compounding pharmacies custom blend each customer’s perscription.

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10 Responses to “Robin McGraw talks on "The Doctors" about Menopause and Hormones”

  1. Patty Bifano

    I have been so frustrated for over 18 years and getting worse by the minute. Drs seem to feel that most problems are mental and not physical.
    What can I do?

  2. Robbie Montgomery

    Dear Robin,

    I am writing you from San Jose Del Cabo Mexico on the Baja Sur. I had a full hysterectomy here about 5 years ago I was perscribed some stuff to take but was told to only take it for a year as it has too many side effects. So since then I have been fighting all the symptoms on my own, tried some natural products but no change. So I finally had some blood work done and saw my Gynecologist about a month and a half ago and of course the results showed that everything was way out of whack. She prescribed Ovestin Estriol 0.5mg 1/wk and Tibolona Menivial 2.5 mg daily. I am still experiencing some hot flashes not severe and my sleep pattern isn’t much better, but my moods and energy seem to be much better, so I got another opinion from a Dr. in Canada, which is where are originally from, and he recommended Estrace and Pronetrinor, I think that’s how you spell it, it’s hard to read his writing, or it could be Progesterone, 1 mg daily for each of them. The problem with this is that I have read the side effects for the Estrace and it doesn’t sound to safe. So I’m very confused and needing some help in what is best to take. Both these perscriptions were the result of my blood tests.

    If you could give me some more insight to any of this I would be very grateful.

    Thank you for your time.

    Regards, Robbie Montgomery

  3. susan mancini

    My compound pharmacy said that the estrogen patch was bio identical. Some use cream and some use other things but for me I just wanted to know if you were offered the patch? They also said prometrim was a good projestin.
    Thanks, Sue

  4. susan mancini

    What estrogens are you using and what projestin are you using. I still have my uterus and need all
    I am 61 and took estrogen and it build up in my system and took a long time to leave my body and since then I feel not so good. No hot flashes, trouble sleeping sometimes but my interest has changed to no interest and I am eating a lot more. I used to be on top of my weight but now it is a problem I don’t know why I am so hungry or feel like I need food so much.

  5. Sharon Vukas

    I think I was perimenopausal while having my 2 children or earlier. At 36 and after 2 1/2 years of nursing my 1st child, I experienced the “blues”, was prescribed several anti-depressantss that really didn’t work, then got pregnant with our 2nd child. Again, after 2 1/2 years of nursing, the “blues” set in again and are STILL here.
    I have been to my PA-C, Ob/Gyn, a women’s health therapist, menopause clinic and mental health clinic for support meds & tested for everything under the sun, still having roller coaster moods, NOT sleeping and NOT feeling myself. I’m on progesterone and take some of the “support” vitamins and supplements but still feel yucky. Now 42, I don’t have weight issues and have actually been told that most women would be lucky to be in my position. REALLY?
    HELP!! If you can.

  6. netalia



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