Testosterone Imbalance in Men and Women

by BodyLogicMD Testosterone falls under a group of hormones called androgens, best known as male hormones but very important in female hormone health as well. Androgens regulate and affect several different functions within the body. Testosterone, for one, primarily helps the body to produce a feeling of being more alert and energized, as well as … Continued

The Aging Eye

I recently had a patient inquire about how he could reduce his risk of losing his eyesight with age. Frequently as we get older, our vision begins to deteriorate. There are many factors that are important regarding visual acuity, but two of the most common seen are cataracts and macular degeneration. Certainly, there are many … Continued

Growing Old, Bitter vrs. Better

In looking at today’s population, there is a steady increase in the oldest portion of living Americans. As recently outlined in the publication, TIME Healthland, called “America’s Oldest Old”, the ninety-year-old population is booming. Statistics are staggering as they outline that the oldest old are projected to increase from 1.9 million to 8.7 million by … Continued

Know Your Enemy – Physical Consequences of Chronic Stress

Chronic stress and/or repetitive stress have physical consequences. There have been many studies done over the years that show a connection between a stressful lifestyle and poor health. Stress actually accelerates the aging process and can shorten your life. It hastens the rate of cellular aging. The inflammatory effects of elevated cortisol levels cause aging … Continued

How long do I need to take Bioidentical Hormones?

Your body will let you know how long you will need BHRT. As your body changes,the amount of hormones you will need may change. That is why we check levels from time to time. It is likely that your body will once again start producing hormones at optimal levels again once a decline in levels has been established. You may need to maintain healthy hormone levels with BHRT for the rest of your life.

BodyLogicMD Of Orlando Welcomes Newest BHRT Physician To Practice

The overwhelming response to Oprah, Suzanne Somers, Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw talking about bioidentical hormone therapy continues and in order to meet the increased demand, BodyLogicMD continues to welcome additional bioidentical hormone replacement therapy doctors to our national network. We have identified yet another extremely qualified practitioner who specializes in this exciting field of anti-aging medicine. Dr. George Solomon will be joining BodyLogicMD of Orlando and this will allow more patients afflicted by hormonal imbalances to find relief from fatigue, memory loss, hot flashes, mood swings, and more with bioidentical hormone therapy.