What do we do at Bodylogicmd?

We are often asked what we do at Bodylogicmd. Most think that we just treat hormone imbalances. While this is a large part of our practice, we also do functional medicine. Basically, this means we are trying to find the cause of someone’s ail,mention , rather them just giving them a medication to treat the … Continued

The Preventative Difference

With traditional medicine, we’re generally just treating the symptoms, or the complaint that you came in for. And those symptoms and complaints can resurface. So you might come back in another month, or another three months, with the same problem. Reactive treatment is more costly and often requires more doctor visits, and more labs need to be drawn. On the other hand, with preventative medicine, we look at ways to prevent the problem before-hand. We stay up to date with the studies on preventing disease. And when these studies show that vitamin D, fish oil, or multivitamins could potentially prevent a disease, then we can offer those supplements before the disease becomes a problem.