Cortisol and Heart Palpitations

Recently I saw a patient who had been suffering from consistent heart palpitations for years. She saw many doctors, 2 Cardiologists and had quite a few invasive heart procedures just to find out that there was nothing wrong with her heart. So, she kind of learned how to live with a “flipping out” feeling in … Continued

Weight loss

During the Holiday season we get many requests about how to either lose weight or just not gain too much. It is easy to say ” eat less and exercise more” , but in reality this time of year is quite perilous when trying to lose weight. Obviously, if able, try to minimize one’s sugar … Continued


We see so many people in the practice that complain about steeds and the effects it has on their life. I tell patients it really does not matter if it is good or bad it is still stress and will cause a change in their cortisol levels. Your body does not care that the cortisol … Continued

How can bioidentical hormones help diabetes?

I saw a patient today that recently saw their primary care doctor for a diabetes check up. He is on medication for diabetes,hypertension and hyperlipidemia and came to see me with complaints of fatigue and an inability to lose weight despite what he thought was proper diet and exercise. After evaluation of his blood work … Continued

Why bioidentical hormone therapy?

Our most common patient is one seeking bioidentical hormone replacement. We are often asked the difference between bioidentical and synthetic hormones. Basically, bioidentical hormones resemble the chemical structure as our own hormones, whereas, synthetics have a different structure from our own Because of the difference in the structure in synthetics, we believe that this is … Continued

Are vitamins harmful?

A recent study showed that certain vitamins may be harmful in older women. The major culprit was Iron. Typically, we do not give iron supplementation without first checking levels. The other issue was that calcium may be beneficial. This is contrary to a recent study that started the vitamin could actually worsen cardiovascular risk. One … Continued

Still tired on thyroid replacement?

We often see patients who are already on thyroid replacement therapy ,yet continue to complain if fatigue. The may have tried various doses of commonly used medications like Synthroid, Levoxyl, or levothyroxine yet only receive partial or no improvement of their symptoms. Hypothyroidism typically encompasses complaints such as ; fatigue,weight gain ,dry hair and skin, … Continued

The connection between hormones and sleep

We often see patients that complain of insomnia or poor sleep as their main symptom. There are multiple reasons for insomnia, but certainly hormones play a big part in the treatment. Oftentimes, we see female patients that are going through menopause or perimenopause, and they seek our help because their current hormonal therapy is not … Continued