Insulin Resistance Causes More Than Just Diabetes

by BodyLogicMD More than 29 million people in the United States have diabetes, according to the 2014 National Diabetes Statistics Report for the CDC. An estimated 8.1 million of those people, however, are undiagnosed. While many people are familiar with diabetes as a medical term, most are not fully aware of the severe effects that … Continued

Could the Women’s Health Initiative be to Blame for Insomnia?

by BodyLogicMD The Women’s Health Initiative made big news back in 2002 with its highly controversial report that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) could increase the risk of cancer and other detrimental diseases. Lately, the study has been in the news again—but this time it’s not in the spotlight to showcase the study’s findings, but rather … Continued

It’s a wrap: This week in hormones…

There’s been a lot of talk about hormones in the media lately and the bioidentical hormone experts compiled a list of some recent articles that you might find interesting.

The BodyLogicMD Difference

Physicians within the BodyLogicMD network dedicate their practice to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. We undergo extensive training above and beyond our basic medical training.

Medical Mondays: Can bioidentical hormones help prevent osteoporosis?

Is there a connection between hormonal imbalance and osteoporosis? Osteoporosis and osteoporosis-related fractures run in my family. I started seeing a BodyLogicMD physician in April and I wanted to know if the bioidentical hormones I’m using will help curb my risk. I’ve also heard that testosterone can help build stronger bones. Does hormone replacement therapy reduce your risk even if you have a strong family history of the disease?

Don’t Let Erectile Dysfunction Keep You Down

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common problem in many men. And for many, it may be caused by hormonal imbalances. BodyLogicMD doctors reveal how your hormones — especially testosterone — can lead to ED, and what you can do about it.

Medical Mondays: What can I expect as a patient of BodyLogicMD?

I’ve been searching the web for answers as to why I’m feeling the way I do and everything points to early menopause or “perimenopause.” I found your website and I was very impressed with the amount of information available and also the highly qualified physicians within your network. If I were to sign up for your services, what can I expect as a patient of BodyLogicMD?

Meet Columbus Bioidentical Hormones Expert, Roger Garcia, D.O.

“Menopause, andropause (the male menopause) and other age-related conditions may be facts of life, but that doesn’t mean people have to suffer with uncomfortable symptoms. At my BodyLogicMD practice, I’m proud to offer patients a complete age-management program for with unparalleled service in treating menopause, PMS, perimenopause, andropause and other hormonal imbalances associated with aging.”

Medical Mondays: Why should I use pellet therapy?

I have used bioidentical hormone therapy for 4 months and have already noticed positive results. My main issues were weight gain and fatigue. Now, just 4 months after beginning treatment, I’ve already lost nearly 20 lbs. and I’m finally sleeping through the night and waking up feeling rested and refreshed. I have a friend who is also taking bioidentical hormones and her doctor has her on pellet therapy. She tells me that she only has to see her doctor once every 6 months or so. How does this delivery method stack up to traditional methods, such as creams, gels and pills? What are the advantages?

Meet Dallas Bioidentical Hormones Expert, Lisa Gorn, D.O.

As an endocrinologist, I was accustomed to treating patients who were in the more advanced stages of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and obesity. I knew that there was a lot of going on beneath the surface, most of which wasn’t taught by conventional medicine. I wanted the opportunity to help patients really optimize their health, so I started attending seminars and looking into different programs that offered preventive care and that is how I found the A4M.