How You Can Reduce Your Risk Of Breast Cancer

One of the concerns associated with hormone replacement therapy is Breast Cancer. Unfortunately, the message often delivered by the media and many physicians is that hormones cause cancer and being on hormone replacement therapy increases one’s risk for breast cancer. Breast Cancer risk has many influences and it’s more complicated than whether or not one … Continued

Progesterone–who needs it? (who doesn’t need it?)

Progesterone is a critical ovarian produced steroid hormone that plays specific roles throughout a woman’s life. For women who are premenopausal, progesterone production begins around mid-cycle, rises to a peak @ day 21 of the typical cycle, and then plummets in the absence of pregnancy, triggering a period @ 2-5 days later. Low progesterone during … Continued

Mark Your Calenders For Next Years SLiiM Conference

Last week November 5, 2011 we completed the 2ndannual St Louis Integrative Medicine Symposium (SLiiM). Our theme this year was INFLAMMATION NATION, and I want to make a pitch for anybody in our region to attend this symposium next year. What a fantastic group of lectures all designed to educate the public on the truths … Continued


With so many ads and articles on vitamins and supplements, it’s impossible for most people to know what to believe. Here’s what I have told every patient of mine for the past 20 years. Take at least a pharmaceutical (chelated) multivitamin with minerals, extra vitamin D3 and fish/omega 3 oil. Why? Because we’re not getting … Continued


We see so many people in the practice that complain about steeds and the effects it has on their life. I tell patients it really does not matter if it is good or bad it is still stress and will cause a change in their cortisol levels. Your body does not care that the cortisol … Continued

5 things you can do right now to avoid breast cancer

I was at a conference last weekend where prevention of breast cancer was discussed at length. Although breast cancer awareness month is over, we need to prevent breast cancer all year long. Here are some tips.   1. Stop eating sugar and simple carbs- sugar feeds cancer. Simple carbs are “white” foods like bread, pasta, … Continued

Diabetes mellitus and Bioidentical Hormones

Diabetes is a problem that is increasing in America, especially as we age. There are many factors involved in this problem including diet, lack of exercise and increasing weight, among other reasons. The big question is what can we do about this problem. We know as we age and the sex hormones change in our … Continued

DHEA: The Other Stress Hormone

The art of what I do involves assessing the whole health picture of an individual as relates to hormone balance. I enjoy explaining what is going on to my patients. When I reach the part about DHEA, eyes begin to glaze over. Nobody seems to have heard of DHEA. Where did our health teachers go … Continued

Why Saliva?

When testing for hormone levels, I am often asked by my patients, “Why saliva instead of blood?”. Besides the fact that saliva testing is much less painful than a blood test, patients want to know why we measure hormones with saliva instead of blood? It is actually very simple. Hormones are found in two places … Continued

Diabetes and hormones

We see many patients in the office for bioidentical hormone therapy that at the same time have some sort of glucose or sugar metabolism disorder. Many patients have been to their primary care doctor and are simply told to diet and exercise when they find out their blood sugar is elevated We tend to have … Continued