The Boca Experience

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of traveling to Boca Raton, Florida to spend some time at the BodyLogicMD corporate headquarters. This was part of the training process that all new BodyLogicMD physicians go through. Not knowing entirely what to expect, I must say that I was thoroughly impressed! The staff was knowledgeable … Continued

Weight loss

During the Holiday season we get many requests about how to either lose weight or just not gain too much. It is easy to say ” eat less and exercise more” , but in reality this time of year is quite perilous when trying to lose weight. Obviously, if able, try to minimize one’s sugar … Continued


We see so many people in the practice that complain about steeds and the effects it has on their life. I tell patients it really does not matter if it is good or bad it is still stress and will cause a change in their cortisol levels. Your body does not care that the cortisol … Continued

GYN vs Bodylogicmd

A patient asked me last week, “What is the difference between an OB-GYN doctor and a BodylogicMD doctor?” It is an interesting question because we both deal a lot with female hormones and female medical problems. However, OB-GYN doctor is mainly expert in female surgery. They dabble some in female hormones. A BodylogicMD doctor is … Continued

Are vitamins harmful?

A recent study showed that certain vitamins may be harmful in older women. The major culprit was Iron. Typically, we do not give iron supplementation without first checking levels. The other issue was that calcium may be beneficial. This is contrary to a recent study that started the vitamin could actually worsen cardiovascular risk. One … Continued

The connection between hormones and sleep

We often see patients that complain of insomnia or poor sleep as their main symptom. There are multiple reasons for insomnia, but certainly hormones play a big part in the treatment. Oftentimes, we see female patients that are going through menopause or perimenopause, and they seek our help because their current hormonal therapy is not … Continued

What do we do at Bodylogicmd?

We are often asked what we do at Bodylogicmd. Most think that we just treat hormone imbalances. While this is a large part of our practice, we also do functional medicine. Basically, this means we are trying to find the cause of someone’s ail,mention , rather them just giving them a medication to treat the … Continued

Meet Edison Bioidentical Hormones Expert, Smita Ohri, M.D.

Meet Dr. Smita Ohri, Medical Director of BodyLogicMD of Edison Smita Ohri, MD is the Owner and Medical Director of the New Jersey Area practice. She uses bioidentical hormone therapy and customized nutrition and fitness programs to treat the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Symptoms can start as early as in the mid thirties, perimenopause, menopause … Continued

Medical Mondays: How do I lower my triglycerides?

I had some lab work done last week and my doctor told me that my cholesterol and triglyeride levels were high. He prescribed me a statin drug to help control the cholesterol, but nothing for the triglycerides. My question is what changes can I make to my diet to help lower my triglycerides?

Meet Denver Bioidentical Hormones Expert, Joseph Agnello, M.D.

Dr. Agnello transitioned into integrative and functional medicine to treat his patients using preventive techniques to improve their overall health and wellness. Instead of using prescription drugs to simply treat symptoms, Dr. Agnello helps his patients correct the underlying issues at their source and uses preventive techniques to help them avoid health complications later on in life. He firmly believes that the changes associated with aging can not only be slowed, but in many cases significantly reversed.