Medical Mondays: Why are plastic water bottles dangerous for my health?

“The other night I watched a special news report that talked about the dangers of drinking from plastic water bottles and heating up plastic leftover containers in the microwave. They said that by heating and cooling certain plastics, you’re releasing harmful chemicals that can potentially lead to hormonal imbalances and even some forms of cancer. Which plastics should I avoid and how do they affect my overall health?”

The Dangers of Holiday Toxins

Recent studies have revealed that many of the household products that we use on a daily basis contain harmful toxins that have been linked to asthma, hormonal imbalance, endocrine and neurological disorders and in some cases have even led to death. Although many of these dangerous consumer products dwell in toy chests and refrigerators year-round, experts are saying that exposure is even more prevalent during the holiday season.

Dr. Stanton on Let's Talk Live!

BodyLogicMD Chief Medical Officer Dr. Alicia Stanton was recently featured on an episode of Let’s Talk Live, discussing how using bioidentical hormones to balance your hormones can aid in disease prevention. During the segment, Dr. Stanton talks about the damaging effects of environmental toxins such as pesticides, pollution and consumer products and how they can propagate hormonal imbalance, which can lead to further disease and ailment.