Beat the Blues (and more) with Vitamin D

Do you start to get depressed in the fall around day light savings time?  Perhaps you are deficient in Vitamin D. Vitamin D can prevent depression, over 17 types of cancers ( such as breast, colon), heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, auto immune diseases like multiple sclerosis, diabetes, osteoporosis, infectious disease, colds and viruses,  … Continued

Why Colonoscopy is a MUST for prevention!

Why Colonoscopy? A MUST FOR PREVENTION: I see people regularly in my practice that are over the age of 50 and have not yet had their colonoscopy screening.  When I ask them why, they tell me that they don’t have any family history of colon cancer, or they have no bowel problems, or they are … Continued

Screen-Door On A Submarine

According to a recent article on, “the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force released new recommendations advising against mammograms for women under 50 (and recommending only bi-annual screenings for women after that).” The risk associated with mammograms is often two-fold, as is its objective.

Healthy Aging Tip of the Day!

Limit your simple sugars and refined carbohydrates! According to BodyLogicMD Chief Medical Officer and Author of “Hormone Harmony” Dr. Alicia Stanton, eating a diet high in refined sugars and carbohydrates may increase the risk of developing cancer.

The Red Wine Nutrient

You may have heard of the miracle nutrient resveratrol, commonly known as the “red wine nutrient.” There’s more to resveratrol than red wine, though, and it’s helpful for far more than just preventing heart disease. Reseveratrol benefits run the spectrum from lowering cholesterol to curing cancer. Studies supporting red wine suggest antioxidants in red wine … Continued