Balanced Hormones for a Healthy Heart

You probably don’t have to be told that your heart health is important. But what exactly can you do to reduce your risk of heart disease — or even take steps to improve your cardiovascular health? And what effect do hormones have on your heart?

Medical Mondays: Which Supplements Should I Be Taking?

I really want to do everything in my power to get healthy in the coming New Year. I’ve started working out here and there and I’ve also eliminated certain foods from my diet that were likely doing more harm than good. I used to take a women’s multi-vitamin, but a girlfriend of mine recently told me that I should be careful when using supplements/vitamins, because many are not as effective or safe as the manufacturers claim. What are some supplements that you would recommend for a menopausal woman?

9 Steps to a Healthier You this New Year

Many Americans list out well-meaning changes to make the incoming year better than the last, but how many of those New Year resolutions have the lasting positive impact on our health that we desire? Our resolutions often involve change that is either incompatible with our daily lives or too drastic to be realistic. Dr. Gregory Pippert, medical director of BodyLogicMD of Maple Grove, stresses that creating lasting healthful change can be attained first and foremost by adhering to a few simple steps.

Medical Mondays: Will I need to take Hormone Therapy Forever?

I am very happy on my BHRT! It has been life changing for me. My husband on the other is a little concerned that I’ve been using hormones for too long of a time. And it got me thinking… How long will I have to be on hormones? Will I need to take bioidenticals forever? When is it a good time to stop using hormone therapy and are there any long-term risks associated with using bioidentical hormones indefinitely?

Meet Minnesota Bioidentical Hormones Expert, Gregory Pippert, M.D.

During my 14 years in Emergency Medicine, I got to see the worst of the worst – the end stages of a lot of different diseases. While it was wonderful to help these people, I started wondering what could be done to prevent these health challenges from a defensive standpoint. With integrative and regenerative medicine, I’m able to help my patients not only avoid disease, but also achieve an optimal overall quality of health.

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