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Our sexperts Dr. Jennifer Landa, Joan Price and Ande Lyons as they tell you how to keep sex where it belongs in your life – front and center.    

What Are The Benefits Of Raw Food?

I’ve been challenging myself – and I want to challenge you – to eat a pound of veggies per day. A pound a day you ask? Yes! And to help you along with the practical aspects of what this means, I interviewed Chef Joy Houston. I came away from the interview with lots of great … Continued

Get The Most From Your Doctor – Know Your Numbers Part 5: Thyroid Health

This is the last of my five part series on Getting the Most from your Doctor. In part four, I discussed diabetes and Hemoglobin A1C and the importance of screening. In part five, I go over Thyroid health. Low Thyroid There are so many people out there walking around with undiagnosed hypothyroidism. And they’re fatigued, … Continued

Lybrido: New Female Viagra or Quick Fix?

                                                                  The New York Times just put out an article called “Unexcited? There May Be a Pill for That.” The article, by author and journalist Daniel Bergner, focuses on two new “female desire” drugs, Lybrido and Lybridos, that are … Continued

Make Your City Or Town As Romantic As Paris

A  relationship needs to be more than just business as usual if you want it to thrive, not just function. Date nights are so important  that even the first couple, the Obamas, make room for them in there lives! Dates  are more than a luxury, they’re a necessity, especially if you have children. They are … Continued

Dr. Jen Makes It to India

  Read more on postjagran.com Tackle pain during sex with these effective tips

I’ve Got a Confession to Make

I have a big confession to make…I don’t know how to cook. Well, I do know how to cook some things…I can grill a piece of chicken, or cook a stir fry, or steam vegetables, but really, I mostly just get by on a few very simple dishes. And I’ve always wanted to learn to … Continued

Dr. Jen Landa Quoted on TownHall

Read More on TownHall: Judge Green Lights Exploitation of Girls With Over-the-counter Morning After Pill Ruling 

Teen Puberty: What to Expect and How to Handle it

Navigating your way through puberty with your child sounds daunting. Wasn’t it hard enough the first time? The signs, the hormones and the power struggles all seem to come out of nowhere. Boys or girls, we rounded up the basics so you can stay a step or two ahead of the game. Read More on … Continued