Medical Mondays: How does the detoxification process work?

I’ve been using bioidentical hormones for going on 9 months now and I feel great! I’ve lost weight, I’m sleeping through the night and best of all, my libido is back where it was in 20’s and 30’s. Ever since starting bioidentical hormone therapy, I’ve been very conscious of what I put into my body and have made my health my number one priority. But what can about the damage I’ve done over years? Could detoxification help?

Improving Your G.I. Health with Balanced Hormones

In many cases, you can improve and maintain GI health by avoiding certain foods. You should definitely avoid junk, or processed foods. These foods contain many unnatural chemicals — just take a look at the ingredient list on the food labels. When those chemicals are absorbed into your body, your immune system responds to them. It will either initiate an inflammatory response to get rid of them or try to store them somewhere in your body.

Improving and Maintaining Your GI Health

You may be damaging your gastrointestinal (GI) health without realizing it and that may be causing a host of different medical problems. But there are many things you can do to repair a damaged gut and keep your digestive system healthy.

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Gut

Everything you eat or drink is processed through your gastrointestinal (GI) system, so it’s clear that it’s a very important body system that has a major effect on your overall health. But what can you do to keep your GI system healthy? Chicago bioidentical hormones expert, Dr. Joseph Mazzei, shares his expertise on improving and maintaining your GI health.

Meet Chicago Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Expert, Joseph Mazzei, M.D.

“It’s all about lifestyle – the more effort you put into living a healthy life, the longer you’ll live and the better you’ll feel because of it. And while diet and exercise are critical components of a healthy lifestyle, it’s also important to take a look at sleep patterns, stress levels, nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities and other factors that could potentially lead to health challenges later on in life.”

Dr. Mazzei Discusses Testosterone Therapy for Men

As many people are becoming more aware of what they can do to maintain their overall health, a recent article in the NY Times addressed a topic that’s quickly gaining popularity: testosterone therapy in men. As an integrative medicine and hormone specialist, I have studied hormone therapy and incorporate hormone balancing when working with patients to optimize their health.

What Doctors Don’t Know About Nutrition

I thank Dr. Pauline Chen for her article in The NY Times. It is very important to raise awareness about this issue. Even as medical technology progresses, we are becoming a much more unhealthy society, and I strongly believe that declining nutrition has a lot do with this. Yet many medical schools do not effectively teach about nutrition. Most physicians do not have adequate knowledge about nutrition and are unable to counsel their patients on the subject.

Chicago Bioidentical Hormones Expert, Dr. Joseph Mazzei Responds to Naperville Sun Article

I commend Dr. Rashid for joining the growing number of doctors who are looking beyond traditional medicine to address the health concerns of women. Specializing in integrative medicine and bioidentical hormone therapy, I have seen firsthand how debilitating the symptoms of menopause can be for women. Traditional doctors often have very little to offer them. I know this because I used to be one until I extended my training beyond the limits of traditional medicine.

How long do I need to take Bioidentical Hormones?

Your body will let you know how long you will need BHRT. As your body changes,the amount of hormones you will need may change. That is why we check levels from time to time. It is likely that your body will once again start producing hormones at optimal levels again once a decline in levels has been established. You may need to maintain healthy hormone levels with BHRT for the rest of your life.