Medical Mondays: What is andropause?

Medical Mondays – You ask the questions and our highly trained bioidentical hormones experts will post your answer LIVE! Q: My wife has been using bioidentical hormones for several months now and she is very happy with the results. She is seeing a BodyLogicMD physician here in Dallas and she tells me that men have … Continued

Truth of Treatment!

Hello World! Have you ever asked yourself the question “why am I doing what I’m doing”? Let me introduce myself. I am Kenneth Orbeck, DO. I am board certified in Family Medicine. After over fifteen years practicing medicine, I asked that very question! The answer was not what I would have expected. While there was … Continued

Medical Mondays: Why is testing hormone levels so important?

Medical Mondays – You ask the questions and our highly trained bioidentical hormones experts will post your answer LIVE! Q: I signed up last week to meet with a BodyLogicMD doctor in Greenville, SC. Before I can meet with my doctor, I was told that I need to complete a series of tests. Some are … Continued

You’re Only as Old as Your Youngest Part…

You’re only as young as your oldest part. What good is a strong body if you don’t have a good, supportive brain to back it up? Your brain is, no doubt, one of the most important systems of your body, even though it accounts for only about 2% of your body weight. While it’s smaller than a desktop computer, it’s actually the most powerful computer known to man.

Identifying Toxins in the Home

Let’s take a look inside the typical home. Toxin exposure can begin with something as innocuous as the water from your tap. Tap water contains chemicals, such as perchlorate and fluoride, in levels that are safe for adults. However, researchers say that they may not be safe for the developing brains of your young children.

Medical Mondays: How do I improve my cholesterol levels?

My cholesterol levels are: Total: 246, LDL: 188, HDL: 40. I am not taking any statins as of now, but my doctor keeps pushing me to do so. My question is, what can I do to improve my cholesterol levels aside from taking cholesterol drugs?

Weight Gain and Fatigue? It Could Be Your Thyroid…

Struggling with weight gain? Tired all of the time? Well according to Dr. Kenneth Orbeck, Medical Director of BodyLogicMD of Greenville, your thyroid hormones may be to blame. Thyroid imbalances affect over 200 million women and men across the globe. In light of Thyroid Awareness Month, the highly trained physicians at BodyLogicMD are shedding some light on thyroid imbalance and what can be done to ease symptoms and regain balance.

Medical Mondays: How to Slow the Body’s Aging Process

As an anti-aging physician, what’s your take on slowing body’s aging process? I know there’s nothing I can do to turn back the clock and I’m not looking for a miracle drug that can help me look and feel the way I did in my 20’s. I just want to grow old without feeling old. What basic lifestyle advice would you give a patient who is simply trying to improve their overall health?

Medical Mondays: Is my menopause making me fat?

I am post-menopausal and have been for four years now. Life after menopause has it’s ups and downs. I fortunately enjoy a fantastic sex life; however, menopause has left me with a flabby tummy and fat on my back, upper hips and my lats! I eat well – low fat, quality protein, complex carbs, lots of fruit and vegetables and tons of water! What’s the connection between menopause and weight gain and what can I do about it?

Medical Mondays: The Safety of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

There’s a lot of talk in the media regarding the dangers of hormone therapy. Apparently new studies have shown that hormone therapy is more dangerous than doctors originally thought. I’ve been using bioidentical hormones for 9 months now and I’m concerned that I might be putting myself at risk for breast cancer and heart disease. My doctor tells me that bioidentical hormones are different than the hormones that were used in the WHI trials and that there dangerous side effects aren’t as common because bioidentical hormones are naturally occurring. In your opinion, what makes bioidentical hormones safer and/or more effective than other forms of HRT?