Pellet & Forget It!

Pellet Therapy makes treating hormonal imbalance quick and easy!

BHRT Can be Different for Everyone

BHRT is not a “one size fits all” approach to wellness. Highly trained physicians, specialing in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy design a customized treament plan, tailored to meet the individual needs of patients. Based on the results of rigorous diagnostic testing, the physician can prescribe bioidentical hormones along with a nutrition and fitness regime to relieve the many symptoms of hormonal imbalance in men and women alike.

BodyLogicMD debunks common myths of BHRT…

The expert physicians at BodyLogicMD are dedicated to removing the myths that surround hormones and hormone therapy, including such misconceptions as “Hormones cause cancer,” “All estrogens are the same,” “All progesterone’s are the same,” and “How you take hormones doesn’t matter.”  The focus on hormone replacement therapy and breast cancer is highlighted in the news … Continued

Cholesterol is “Good” for You?!?

Statistics indicate that a number of Americans are suffering from hormonal imbalances due to improper diet and ability to handle insulin. These factors can, in turn, affect many other hormones in the body including the sex hormones. If adequate cholesterol levels are not maintained and balanced, these hormones cannot be made in good quantities and symptoms of hormone deficiency may occur.

Newsweek Attacks Oprah, BodyLogicMD Speaks Out

Newsweek recently published a scathing article about Oprah titled “Why Health Advice on Oprah could make you sick.” In it, Weston Kosova and Pat Wingert criticize Oprah for having Suzanne Somers on her show as the “expert” on bioidentical hormones. Dr. Alicia Stanton, CMO of BodyLogicMD shares her thoughts on Kosova and Wingert’s criticisms.

Hormones and Skin: The Truth about Aging

Hormones and skin: hormonal imbalance and poor nutrition are the enemy and bioidentical hormone therapy and proper nutrition as guided by expert BodyLogicMD anti-aging physicians are the solution!

Menostar, Bioidentical Hormone or Not?

BodyLogicMD, I am suffering from fatigue, hair loss, bloating, insomnia, and menopause symptom mania! I saw a local doctor and they gave me a prescription for the Menostar hormone patch, along with a cream. I didn’t get it filled because the doctor then told me you cannot stay on this treatment for more then 5 … Continued