Do You Have an Under-active Thyroid?

Do you have an under-active thyroid? Hot flashes, night sweats, menstrual irregularities, fatigue, depression, constipation, brittle nails, thinning hair, joint pain, constipation, and weight gain may all be signs of an under-active thyroid. Because these symptoms can also mimic menopause and other conditions, it is important to check thyroid labs such as TSH, Free T3, … Continued


We see many patients at BodylogicMD of Sacramento who have low thyroid levels. Many of these patients have symptoms of low energy, weight gain or even hair loss. A surprising number have low thyroid conditions because of an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Many patients are untreated or under-treated by their primary care provider who … Continued

Hair Loss

I was driving my daughter to school this morning when she told me she was having hair loss from split ends. I proceeded to tell her that hair loss could be caused by hormone imbalance, thyroid disease, stress, and/or vitamin deficiencies. My daughter’s hair is thick and beautiful and long, and she says that since … Continued

It’s a Wrap: This Week in Hormones…

There’s been a lot of talk about hormones in the media lately and the bioidentical hormone experts compiled a list of some recent articles that you might find interesting. September 2011 – While hair loss is oftentimes thought of as a problem that only men have to deal with, many women also suffer from conditions that can … Continued

Medical Mondays: What causes hair loss?

I’d just like to start out by saying that I’ve been using testosterone pellets for going on 9 months now and I feel better than I did in my 30’s! I’m sleeping better, I actually have the energy to go the gym, I’m not as cranky and irritable as I was before starting treatment and I feel healthier than I have in years! One concern that I’ve had for a while is losing my hair. My father was bald at a very young age and I’m afraid that it’s only a matter of time before mine starts falling out. Can bioidentical hormones help with hair loss? What causes hair loss in the first place?

Medical Mondays: What can I do about hair loss?

I’m 43 years old and have been noticing that my hair is thinning in certain areas. My father was bald by 48 and I’ve read that male pattern baldness is typically hereditary. Is this something that can be corrected with treatment , despite the predisposition? I’ve also heard that hormones play a major role in hair loss and that balancing hormones with HRT could help prevent losing more hair and in some cases help to regrow hair that I’ve already lost. What would you recommend?

Dr. Stanton Responds to Recent NY Times Article: “Vigor Quest”

A recent article in the NY Times follows the “Vigor Quest” of baby boomer, John Bellizzi (51), retracing his journey through the male menopause known as andropause and discussing how integrative and functional medicine helped him get his edge back and regain control of his health.

Lupus and Women’s Hormonal Health

A recent article on discussed the similarities between the symptoms of lupus and the symptoms of sever cases of menopause.

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