Medical Mondays: Can I use BHRT after a hyesterectomy?

I’m 49 and I recently underwent a hysterectomy in June of 2010. Ever since, I’ve been experiencing several symptoms that I thought were only for women going through menopause. Hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, mood swings, you name it. Being that I no longer have a uterus or ovaries, am I still a candidate for hormone replacement therapy?

Bioidentical hormones gave me back my sanity!

Since the first time I saw Dr. Archer and started on my hormone treatment, things may get me down for a day, maybe two, but that’s it. I started on my new hormones on June 1, 09. I have almost as much energy as I did in my 30’s. I can’t wait for the 20’s!! Today, I walked for the first time and I joined Weight Watchers one more time, but for the last time. I’m going to outlive Suzanne Somers!!! I’m handling the rejection which is something I’ve never been able to handle and I’m starting to really like me. I’m starting to paint again and starting to make my house beautiful which is why I got into this business 21 years ago.