Living Better for Longer, Is it Really Possible?

By BodyLogicMD Admin Very few people actually want to live forever. The anti-aging movement isn’t just about having a longer life, it’s about prolonging a healthy, higher quality of life. And, recent research has shown that Americans are not so good at harnessing a higher quality of life. In fact, a 23-year study published in … Continued

Simple Secrets to Living Better, Longer

Dr. Roger Garcia, Medical Director of BodyLogicMD of Columbus says extending your life is as easy as changing your diet, “We know that we can increase the life of the telomeres through various nutraceuticals.” Several research theories suggest that these foods can play a role in lengthening telomeres and, therefore extending your life. Read more: Diet Secrets … Continued

Longevity vs Inflammation

Longevity vs. Inflammation. This is the “Rumble in the Jungle,” the MAC vs PC – a battle of true superpowers. The outcome of this continual confrontation will determine your destiny. Will it be cardiovascular disease, stroke, colon cancer or maybe… you’ll literally lose your mind. At this point, the method of your demise doesn’t matter … Continued

The Healthiest Diet

The Healthiest Diet Ever wonder what is the healthiest way to eat? What is the best ‘diet’? Studies show that men living in the Mediterranean have the lowest incidence of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and the longest life expectancy! The Mediterranean diet can also decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s by 68%! Not only will the … Continued

7 steps to aging gracefully

Healthy living is within your reach, starting today. Sure, healthy living is a long-term commitment, not a flash-in-the-pan fad. But there are steps you can take right now that will make today healthier than yesterday and pave the way for healthy living tomorrow, too.

AMA met to set advocacy agenda for upcoming year

The AMA’s 543-member policy-making House of Delegates met in Chicago, to set its advocacy agenda for the coming year. It’s unusual for a non-physician, let alone a U.S. president, to address AMA House of Delegates meetings, but President Obama was seeking committee support for his national health-care reform plan.

Patient Testimonial for Dr. Steve Center BodyLogicMD San Diego

Rob M., patient of Dr. Center of BodyLogicMD San Diego, speaks on his positive experience on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. BodyLogicMD’s Dr. Center treated Rob M. for a hormonal imbalance and brought back his “vitality, health and happiness.” We’ll let Rob M. say the rest:

BodyLogicMD’s Top 10 Health Tips for 2009

As we start the New Year, we wanted to share our Top 10 tips for overall health, wellness and balance. BodyLogicMD highly trained anti-aging physicians recommend this concise list of health tips to their patients to serve as a guideline to improve the quality and longevity of their lives. Balance Your Hormones, Increase Vitamin D intake, Exercise more, eat less more often, keep hydrated drink water, get more sleep, relieve stress, keep in touch with your body, take an aspirin every day, take time for yourself.