Medical Mondays: How are hormones and stress related?

I’m 47-years-old and I’ve been researching natural hormone replacement options to help me find some relief from my hot flashes and moodiness. Another big issue I’ve been dealing with is stress. I’ve always been high-strung, but lately I’ve noticed that I fly off the handle over the smallest of things. Is it true that hormones or lack thereof can make stress worse? Also, what are some things that I can do that might help me de-stress?

Relaxation Techniques to Try

Relaxation techniques can be anything from very formal to informal. There’s formal training in relaxation, where you learn to lie in a quiet, dark room, and you learn to relax your body from head to toe. Meditation can also be very formal.

Stress-Reduction Techniques Can Decrease Risk of Heart Disease

According to an article on, recent studies funded by the Medical College of Wisconsin and Iowa’s Maharishi University have concluded that people who use stress-reduction techniques such as breathing exercises and meditation can significantly reduce their risk of heart attack, stroke and death attributed to heart disease.

How Holiday Stress is Affecting Your Health

As we have discussed, weight gain is often associated with the holidays and all of the stress that comes with them. Ever hear of that little thing called “nervous eating?” According to an article in the Brownsville States-Graphic, stress raises levels of the hormone cortisol, which often increases appetite.

Admit it man… you're stressed!

Exercising regularly, eating and sleeping well, and meditating each day help improve a man’s overall health and well-being. Other ways to reduce stress include solving the cause of stress, avoiding stressful situations, accepting things you can’t change, avoid procrastination, and don’t overload yourself. While taking these approaches, it is important to keep a positive attitude. Most importantly, when you do something good for yourself you should celebrate your victory and recognize the hard work you put into your efforts. All of these steps should help a man lead a less stressful and healthier life.

Chronic high stress has a direct effect on your hormone levels

It is important for men to realize the importance of stress reduction, diet and lifestyle on their hormone levels. Men should find ways to reduce their stress such as meditation, exercise, reading, journaling or enjoying nature.

Top 10 Tips To Manage Stress Naturally And Avoid Adrenal Fatigue

Make the commitment to “go green” and manage stress naturally on Earth Day this Wednesday, April 22nd. With the increased level of stress we are managing, it’s important to take steps to protect your adrenal glands. Adrenal fatigue can set in after your adrenals have been forced to work extra hard for a long period of time. BodyLogicMD offers top 10 tips to manage stress naturally and avoid adrenal fatigue.

BodyLogicMD’s Top 10 Health Tips for 2009

As we start the New Year, we wanted to share our Top 10 tips for overall health, wellness and balance. BodyLogicMD highly trained anti-aging physicians recommend this concise list of health tips to their patients to serve as a guideline to improve the quality and longevity of their lives. Balance Your Hormones, Increase Vitamin D intake, Exercise more, eat less more often, keep hydrated drink water, get more sleep, relieve stress, keep in touch with your body, take an aspirin every day, take time for yourself.