Medical Mondays: How can I stay fit for the New Year?

Every year, I make a commitment to change and I always wind up falling short of my goals. Whether it’s eating better or hitting the gym on a regular basis, I always start off strong, but typically don’t make it past February without slipping up. This year, I’m trying to lose my meno-pot and get back into shape. What fitness advice would you give to a woman in her late 40’s who’s trying to lose weight and keep the weight off.

Medical Monday: Menopause and Weight Gain

When I started gaining weight in my late 40’s, my doctor told me that it was likely the result of menopause. He told me that most women gain 10 to 15 pounds during menopause and that balancing estrogen and progesterone levels can help boost metabolism and help me stay within my “normal” weight range. Can bioidentical hormone therapy help me balance these hormones as well?

Medical Mondays: Is my menopause making me fat?

I am post-menopausal and have been for four years now. Life after menopause has it’s ups and downs. I fortunately enjoy a fantastic sex life; however, menopause has left me with a flabby tummy and fat on my back, upper hips and my lats! I eat well – low fat, quality protein, complex carbs, lots of fruit and vegetables and tons of water! What’s the connection between menopause and weight gain and what can I do about it?

Testosterone to Blame for Menopause Weight Gain

Visceral fat or “belly fat” is often thought to be a product of aging, however recent studies from the Rush University Medical Center have suggested that testosterone may to blame for menoapause weight gain.