What Are The Benefits Of Raw Food?

I’ve been challenging myself – and I want to challenge you – to eat a pound of veggies per day. A pound a day you ask? Yes! And to help you along with the practical aspects of what this means, I interviewed Chef Joy Houston. I came away from the interview with lots of great … Continued

Let Your Beauty Bloom This Spring

Now that winter has passed, I hope you’re looking ahead and planning for a fabulous spring season. I am, and I want to share a personal story with you that will give you a head start on fabulous health, beauty and confidence. For me, as I know for many of you, gaining a couple of … Continued

Natural Foods that Detoxify Your Body

While indulging in drinks and treats on a weekend night may be fun, all that merriment can make your insides feel like a toxic wasteland. This year, include these antioxidant-rich foods proven to heal and repair you from the inside out after a night on the town. Read more on FoxNews.com: Foods Essential for Detox

The Best Diets of 2013

If your New Year’s Resolution was to eat healthy or lose weight, it’s time for a check-in. It has been one month since you began your plan to eat healthier, exercise more and lose weight. Do you feel you are on the road to success or are you teetering dangerously toward failure? February 15, classically marks … Continued

Which Nutrition Plan Is Best?

We are often asked which nutrition or diet plan one should use . It really depends on what they are trying to accomplish. In would never sway someone from eating all organic or vegan. However, many patients do not want to pursue this type of lifestyle. So, in general , I would recommend eating essentially … Continued

Vitamin D – is it Really?

Have you ever wondered about the importance of vitamin D. Certainly with all the publicity regarding the beneficial effects of vitamin D, knowing the levels in your own body and supplementing properly can give you great beneficial effects regarding your future health. Vitamin D is technically not a vitamin. Its active metabolite, calcitriol (1, 25 … Continued

Awesome weight loss tips

I was in Las Vegas all last week for the A4M conference. One of the best speakers of the event was JJ Virgin. She has excellent tips for effective, lasting, weight loss and she looks incredible! We have a very similar school of thought on weight loss. Check her out at http://jjvirgin.com/ Google+

The Aging Eye

I recently had a patient inquire about how he could reduce his risk of losing his eyesight with age. Frequently as we get older, our vision begins to deteriorate. There are many factors that are important regarding visual acuity, but two of the most common seen are cataracts and macular degeneration. Certainly, there are many … Continued

Growing Old, Bitter vrs. Better

In looking at today’s population, there is a steady increase in the oldest portion of living Americans. As recently outlined in the publication, TIME Healthland, called “America’s Oldest Old”, the ninety-year-old population is booming. Statistics are staggering as they outline that the oldest old are projected to increase from 1.9 million to 8.7 million by … Continued