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Diabetes and hormones

We see many patients in the office for bioidentical hormone therapy that at the same time have some sort of glucose or sugar metabolism disorder. Many patients have been to their primary care doctor and are simply told to diet and exercise when they find out their blood sugar is elevated We tend to have a much more comprehensive approach at Bodylogicmd of Atlanta.

In addition to hormone balance, we focus a great deal on nutrition and proper food choices. We discuss at length the proper protein, fat and carb intakes necessary to maintain proper levels. We also discuss proper supplementation and medical foods that have been shown to appropriately lower one’s glucose.

Of course , we design an exercise protocol specific to each individual’s capabilities and needs .

We now also have the capability thru a test called Pre-dx to determine one’s 5 year risk of becoming a diabetic. This is a new test available to our patients and really helps us focus on those in need of more urgent treatment plans.

Of course , none is this works optimally , if we do not balance hormones as well. Many studies show the positive effects that testosterone has on blood sugar levels . Just as many show the ill effect that high insulin and cortisol can have on glucose. Our goal will be to balance all of them