Are Probiotics the Key to Stressing Less?

By BodyLogicMDAdmin Books, articles, and doctors are constantly advising against stress and worry, underlining the negative effects on your health and quality of life, but offering little recourse for keeping it at bay. You can’t avoid traffic jams, give up your job, or stop worrying about your aging parents or rebellious teenager. Life is stressful. … Continued

Happy Holidays

Oh those delicious Christmas cookies! One of the blessings of being a doctor is the parade of treats that seem to come daily into the office during the holiday time. Fruit and nuts, chocolate and those Christmas cookies! They are not on the list of healthy foods that I preach to people to eat but … Continued

I Have A Gut Feeling Something Is Wrong

One of the foundations of good health is a properly functioning Gastrointestinal (GI) System. Your GI System is the gateway for almost everything that enters your body. It breaks down your food into nutrients, so you can absorb and use them for the billions of chemical reactions that take place in your body. When your GI … Continued