WHOA! Network – Sex and the Midlife Girl

Our sexperts Dr. Jennifer Landa, Joan Price and Ande Lyons as they tell you how to keep sex where it belongs in your life – front and center.    

Get the Most from Your Doctor – Know Your Numbers Part Two:

With the average doctor’s visit lasting only about seven minutes, it’s crucial that you go in armed with information and questions vital to your health. What specific things do you need to know for optimal health? If you don’t know what to ask for, you might miss the opportunity to get the information you need … Continued

Want to Get Your Sizzle Back?

Libido, the desire for sex, is what drives us to find satisfaction in sexual activity. Sex helps couples bond, promoting intimacy and increasing feel-good hormones and brain chemicals. When a women no longer desires her partner, her relationship suffers. Sex is not just about a woman’s relationship, it’s about her health. Sex is a beneficial … Continued

Why You Can Lose Your Sex Drive at Any Age and How You Can Get It Back

Learn How Using Diet, Exercise, Mindfulness and Individualized Hormone Therapy Can Work for You! Kirk Hamilton of Staying Healthy Today  interviews Dr. Jen on how women can obtain optimal health and help those with low sex drives get their passion back. Click here for the complete audio interview! ———————- Better Sex Now – 2013 Resolutions … Continued

Coming Soon…The Sex Drive Solution

The Sex Drive Solution for Women : Dr. Jen’s Power Plan to Fire-up your Libido is the new bible for women who have lost not only their libido, but their zest for life and vivacious spirit. In this book, I will prove to you that it’s never too late to enjoy the hot and heavy … Continued

The Sex Drive Solution for Women – Coming Soon

My new book –  The Sex Drive Solution for Women: Dr. Jen’s Power Plan to Fire-up Your Libido –  is almost here! In the book, you’ll learn how to get your sexy back and keep it! I’ll be sharing the key ingredients for amazing sex at any age, creative ways to revive a bored libido … Continued

Estrogen: a hormone that serves many needs

It is quite common for female patients of mine to question me concerning the need for estrogen as part of their bioidentical hormone regimen This is especially true if they don’t have symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats. In fact most physicians will only recommend estrogen to woman who have severe symptoms like … Continued

A Patient’s Story

Recently, a patient of mine took the time to write a little about her experience using bioidentical hormones at my practice. I was so touched by her words of thanks that I had to share it with all of you! See what she has to say below: dear dr. landa……. i just wanted to thank … Continued

What hormones are involved with libido?

Many middle-aged adults have problems with diminished libido. It is very common for that to be one of the top few symptoms in patients we see at BodylogicMD of Sacramento. Sometimes this is easily correctable by augmenting testosterone levels. This can be done with subcutaneous pellets placed every 3-5 months, with weekly shots or with … Continued