Move Over Motrin, MERIVA Is Here

I just learned of a new product 2 weeks ago that is a testament to progress in natural medicine. For years medical science has known about the wonderful anti-inflammatory properties of the spice turmeric and it’s active ingredient curcumin. The culture of India uses it widely in many of its food and curry dishes, and … Continued

I’m Not A Statin Fan

I’M NOT A STATIN FAN Having practiced medicine since graduating medical school in 1987, I’ve watched several trends come and go in American medicine. Now that my specialization involves prevention, wellness, hormone therapy and medicine looking at causes (rather than just symptom relief), I’ve seen a better view of how the statin group of medications … Continued

Careful With The Antibiotics. They May Cause……Weight Gain!

As this cold, flu, bronchitis and common infection season approaches, you may find yourself in the doctor’s office looking for an antibiotic. Some doctors hold their ground refusing to prescribe antibiotics for clearly apparent viral infections (antibiotics only work on bacterial infections). Other providers want to please their patients and give in to the pressure … Continued

Mark Your Calenders For Next Years SLiiM Conference

Last week November 5, 2011 we completed the 2ndannual St Louis Integrative Medicine Symposium (SLiiM). Our theme this year was INFLAMMATION NATION, and I want to make a pitch for anybody in our region to attend this symposium next year. What a fantastic group of lectures all designed to educate the public on the truths … Continued


With so many ads and articles on vitamins and supplements, it’s impossible for most people to know what to believe. Here’s what I have told every patient of mine for the past 20 years. Take at least a pharmaceutical (chelated) multivitamin with minerals, extra vitamin D3 and fish/omega 3 oil. Why? Because we’re not getting … Continued

DHEA: The Other Stress Hormone

The art of what I do involves assessing the whole health picture of an individual as relates to hormone balance. I enjoy explaining what is going on to my patients. When I reach the part about DHEA, eyes begin to glaze over. Nobody seems to have heard of DHEA. Where did our health teachers go … Continued

My Minute With Alton Brown

On Sunday October 9, I had the good fortune of meeting TV celebrity chef Alton Brown. He was in St Louis, MO signing books for his latest production GOOD EATS 3: THE LATER YEARS. Alton is both an entertainer and a well researched chef educating his viewers and fans on the science behind good cooking. … Continued

How To Fight The Fat, Really!

Is it really such a mystery why 60 percent of Americans including children are overweight? Everybody wants a quick and simple answer, but let’s look at the basics of weight management. 1. Diet: As recently as 50 years ago, the rate of obesity ( body mass index >30 percent) or just overweight ( body mass … Continued

Join Us For Inflammation Nation in St Louis

On Nov 5-6 our group of like minded physicians in St Louis, MO will host our second annual Saturday conference. TARGETED FOR THE PUBLIC, This day long event will fill your mind with a wealth information that you won’t hear from your regular doctor. Through short practical lectures you will gain a deeper understanding of … Continued

Clean Up That Dirty Liver

Most people don’t give two thoughts about their liver, and most don’t even know where it’s at in their body. Located just below the right rib cage, your liver filters over 100 gallons of blood daily to perform thousands of functions. Chief amongst these roles is removal of ingested toxins and potentially harmful substances. Removed … Continued