High Carb and Sugar Intake Increase Risk of Lung Cancer

by BodyLogicMD As if there were not already plenty of reasons to cut sugar and refined carbohydrates from your diet, a new study finds that these foods can actually increase your risk of lung cancer, even if you are a non-smoker. In a press release from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, study … Continued

Let Your Beauty Bloom This Spring

Now that winter has passed, I hope you’re looking ahead and planning for a fabulous spring season. I am, and I want to share a personal story with you that will give you a head start on fabulous health, beauty and confidence. For me, as I know for many of you, gaining a couple of … Continued

Fructose: Not So Sweet

A recent brain imaging study shows how high fructose corn syrup can cause overeating and lead to obesity. High fructose corn syrup contains fructose (55%) and glucose (45%). Table sugar or sucrose contains equal amounts of fructose and glucose. Glucose can “suppress… areas of the brain that are critical for reward and desire for food.” … Continued

How Sweet it is…Really?

Many of us have that insatiable sweet tooth that for many can be our downfall into the pits of ill health. This month is National Diabetes Month. Diabetes is now the 7th leading cause of death in the United States.  There has been a rapid acceleration of diabetes and diabetic related health complications in this … Continued