The Magic Bullet: Testosterone Pellets

Well folks, I’m flying back to Honolulu from a medical conference in Orlando and I feel my T pellet fading… A little less driven, less motivated, a little foggy and just a tad less sharp overall. So what better time to blog about the magic bullet: the bioidentical testosterone pellet. By the way, I opted … Continued

Pellet Therapy vs. Creams and Injections

Many men become depleted of testosterone as they age. This can contribute to feelings of low energy, low libido, diminished stamina and increased irritability. Fortunately, replacing testosterone to healthy levels is safe and usually quite effective. Many men choose creams, gels or shots, but my experience has been that men choosing pellet insertion seem to … Continued

Medical Mondays: What is pellet therapy?

Medical Mondays – You ask the questions and our highly trained bioidentical hormones experts will post your answer LIVE! Q: A friend of mine mentioned pellet therapy the other day, saying that it’s superior to traditional methods because it only requires one doctor’s visit every six months. From what he says, the process is painless … Continued

Testosterone Pellets Show Advantages in Men with Low-T

Implantable testosterone pellets are both very effective in restoring depleted testosterone levels and very convenient for the men who use them, according to researchers from the New York University School of Medicine.