7 Ways To Put Yourself First In May (And Always!)

Are you constantly finding time for other people in your life then finding you don’t have enough time to do ‘your stuff’?  Are you ignoring your diet?  Not getting enough exercise?  Is it all because you feel selfish when you take time for yourself?  It is time to STOP feeling guilty about putting yourself first.  … Continued

Antidepressant Gets FDA Approval for Hot Flashes

The FDA recently approved Brisdelle, the first non-hormonal medication for hot flashes associated with menopause. This may be exciting news for women wishing to avoid hormonal options for their hot flashes. But, before you take on a new medication, consider the side effects and other options (including bio-identical hormone replacement) to see if Brisdelle is … Continued

Hormone Replacement Therapy: A Major Breakthrough

Hormone Replacement Therapy, the life changing treatment for women suffering from imbalance or complete loss of hormones, has seen a breakthrough. Many women and physicians have been hesitant to become involved with HRT, due to the frightening results from the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI). This week, new evidence puts those fears to rest. The results … Continued

Balance your Hormones- Improve your Sexual Health!

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Hormonal changes as you age cause frustrating symptoms, such as vaginal dryness, loss of orgasm and low libido. Identifying the root cause of these symptoms can help you build a treatment plan to manage your hormones and ensure lifelong well being – in and out of the bedroom. This “Rewire Your … Continued

Tune in on Friday: Dr. Jen Featured on the The Better Show

  With Valentine’s Day around the corner, The Better Show spoke with me on how to rewire your desire and improve your sex life.  Be sure to tune in on Friday, February 8, 2013 to The Better Show in your area and learn how to revamp your sex life! Check local listings at BetterTV.com

Changing My Life to Change the Lives of Patients

I have a confession, I have a favorite hormone – it is progesterone.  I know more about progesterone than most people and honestly, I love to talk about it.  Of course, why wouldn’t I? Progesterone has allowed me to not only treat symptoms of aging, but it has made a significant impact on the quality … Continued

The Best Moms are Healthy Moms

Being a mom isn’t easy, but somebody’s got to do it. In today’s society, mothers take on many different roles, and in most households, they’re the glue that keeps the family together. Unfortunately, this care-taker role usually leads to women neglecting their own needs — this especially holds true for their health.

Dr. Jennifer Landa featured as 5 Carat Expert on TheRealCougarWoman.com

I myself am a big fan of TheRealCougarWoman blog. It has been and continues to be a great source for Real Cougars who want to stay on the top of their game. And as a new 5-Carat expert, I’m very excited to share what valuable information I can to help Real Cougars continue to maintain a well-rounded and perfectly cut, diamond lifestyle.

Dr. David Shuck to Speak on Expert Panel at Women’s Health Event

Kansas bioidentical hormones expert and Medical Director of BodyLogicMD of Kansas City, Dr. David Shuck is set to speak among a panel of women’s health experts at the upcoming women’s health event, “Get Your Body in Gear for the New Year.” The event will be held at the Lochland Country Club in Hastings, NE on January 22nd and will feature industry leaders in anti-aging and preventive medicine. As a highly trained expert in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), Dr. Shuck will discuss the many health benefits of bioidentical hormones and explain how BHRT can help ease symptoms of menopause and perimenopause, including hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, irritability, low libido, weight gain and depression.

Miami Bioidentical Hormones Expert Featured on WSFL

Miami bioidentical hormones expert Dr. Mike Lee was recently featured on South Florida’s The Morning Show, discussing the steps women can take towards optimal health, for each decade of their life.