The Relationship Between Acne and Hormones: Dr. Center BodyLogicMD San Diego

We have many patients ask about the relationship between acne and hormones.  Some patients experience acne during their bioidentical hormone replacment therapy treatment and wonder why it occurs.

Dr. Steve Center BodyLogicMD San DiegoDr. Steve Center of BodyLogicMD San Diego took a minute to respond to this inquiry:

The acne is a sign that the sebaceous glands are reawakening. It’s part of the “rejuvenation ” process. If it is not severe I tell my patients to give it a month or two and it should settle down. Over-the-counter acne creams with benzoyl peroxide can help, along with antibacterial soaps or Phisoderm cleansing twice a day. The benefits of natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy are worth the temporary blemishes for most women and men. Eventually the skin returns to normal in most patients. Your hormone dosing should not be based on the amount of acne but on the other clinical responses or symptoms and lab testing.

Dr. Center BodyLogicMD San Diego, California


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  1. Christine

    I went to a doctor who does a month long saliva hormone test through DiagnosTechs. It was very informative and he put me on Bioidentical Hormones. I’m certain hormones have a lot to do with acne. When I came off Mirena my acne on my chin became like boils. My guess is that the drop in progesterone, and thus perceived heightened estrogen was the cause. It leveled after a month. I’m having some small breakouts adjusting but I’m certain these will level out. It’s definitely worth a try as I”m sure you’ve tried everything. Hormonal balancing is always the place to start.

  2. dee

    I started on bioidentical hormones two months ago and my jawline has been breaking out in small welt like bumps every day. i am on a dose of of .3 of estrogen and .25 of progesterone..I only take 1/2 mg a day applied to feet or wrists..What can you tell me about this dose?

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