5 Summer Fitness Tips for Busy Women

By BodyLogicMD


With the warmer months finally here, you may find that staying fit is taking a back seat to all your busy summer plans. Indeed, one of the most challenging times of year to stick to a workout plan, the summer is ripe with ways to distract you from your fitness goals. This makes it seem next to impossible for working women, especially working moms, to ever find the time to exercise. Here are five summer fitness tips to help keep busy women on track throughout the summer months.

Fitness Classes/Buddies

Although the summer may not be an ideal time to sign up for a new class, taking a fitness class during the summer can help keep you on track during the summer months. Studies have shown that working out in groups can not only help you stay committed but it can also help boost your drive, causing you to set more aggressive fitness goals. Moreover, another study asserts that those who work out with friends may be 20 percent more likely to complete the entire program, as opposed to those who simply work out alone.

Late Night/Early Morning Workouts

On the flip side, for those who prefer to work out at home, working out later in the evening or early in the morning can help you stay on task. While you may not feel like getting up earlier or staying up a tad later, doing so could afford you the ability to stay in shape without drastically changing your schedule or priorities.

Take the Stairs…and the Furthest Parking Spot

Although you may not be big on taking the stairs, doing so could help you stay in shape. If you have a few extra pounds to lose, you must either eliminate something from your diet or become more active. By taking the stairs over the elevator as well as parking in the furthest parking space, you are essentially scheduling tiny workouts throughout your day, which will lead to results sooner than you think. For instance, a person weighing 155 pounds can burn 223 calories in just one half-hour of stair climbing.

Hit the Beach

On another note, if you live in an area with a beach or other access to swimmable water, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the sun and stay in shape this summer. For instance, a person under 160 pounds can burn between 400-500 calories by swimming for an hour daily.

Hold the Drinks, Add the Ice

Lastly, although the summer is a time known for parties and drinks, alcohol is known to cause unwanted weight gain. In fact, studies have shown that alcohol can not only cause weight gain in the present but also as you age. This makes limiting your alcoholic intake paramount. Furthermore, when you do drink, go heavy on the ice. You may not prefer your drinks watered down, but your liver surely does.


Overall, there are plenty of ways to stay in shape over the summer. By heeding these tips, you are well on your way.


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