Are your hormones out of whack?

Are you tired all of the time? Do you feel like you have less energy than you used to? Has your libido plummeted? Are you experiencing hot flashes or night sweats? Have you been gaining more weight lately and don’t know why?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, you might be suffering from a hormonal imbalance. Hormonally and physically speaking, your body peaks around the age of 25. After that, your body produces fewer hormones. This decline over time results in the effects of aging that we generally see in women and men. There are also additional factors that can alter hormonal activity within the body, including chronic stress, environmental toxins, poor diet and lack of physical activity.

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In men, symptoms of aging are oftentimes dismissed or overlooked. Hormonal decline in men is a more gradual process, as opposed to the drastic loss of hormones that women experience during menopause. These symptoms can include muscle loss, increased body fat, fatigue, low sex drive, hair loss, erectile dysfunction and sleep issues.

In women, symptoms of aging often first appear in menopause, when estrogen and progesterone production diminish and eventually stop. But it’s not uncommon for menopause symptoms to arise prior to menopause — women’s hormones can begin to decline in her 20’s and 30’s. This premature decline is also referred to as perimenopause. These symptoms can range from moderate to severe and often include hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, diminished sex drive, irritability and depression.

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