BodyLogicMD CMO Dr. Alicia Stanton Announces the Release of Her New Book

bookBodyLogicMD CMO and owner and operator of BodyLogicMD of Hartford, Dr. Alicia Stanton proudly announces the highly anticipated release of her new book, Hormone Harmony. Her new book discusses the fluctuations of hormones as we age and how these hormonal changes affect our body and mind. In addition to being the Chief Medical Officer for the nation’s largest and fastest growing network of highly trained, expert physicians specializing in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, Dr. Stanton is also an international speaker, a well-respected author and serves as a Diplomat of the Board of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr. Stanton joins the ranks of Suzanne Somers and Robin McGraw, bringing awareness to the millions of American men and women suffering from the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Although a physician herself, Dr. Stanton has the unique ability to translate much of the “doctor speak” into terms and explanations that the lay person could easily understand.   

In her new book, Stanton explains why our hormones decline, why we have mood swings, why our muscles atrophy, why we’re so fatigued and where our libido has been hiding all this time.

Imagine jumping out of bed in the morning, ready to take on the day – imagine replacing unwanted fat with lean muscle – imagine being able to remember important dates and details with ease – imagine no more. With Dr. Stanton’s new book, Hormone Harmony, you can learn about what you can be doing to feel young again!


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