BodyLogicMD debunks common myths of BHRT…

The expert physicians at BodyLogicMD are dedicated to removing the myths that surround hormones and hormone therapy, including such misconceptions as “Hormones cause cancer,” “All estrogens are the same,” “All progesterone’s are the same,” and “How you take hormones doesn’t matter.”  The focus on hormone replacement therapy and breast cancer is highlighted in the news again in a recent, and certainly confusing new study. (Cancer is clearly a subject that “sells” newspapers and magazines everywhere.)  Dr. Zava explains that differences in the way estriol versus other more potent estrogens like estradiol initiate and promote the growth of cancer may help shed light on this confusion.  Read “The Bioidentical Hormone Estriol and Breast Cancer Risk.”

Dr. Jennifer Landa of BodyLogicMD of Orlando discusses the Women’s Health Initiative.

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