BodyLogicMD’s Dr. Stephen Center on NBC Channel 4 San Diego

San Diego bioidentical hormones expert, Dr. Stephen Center on NBC Channel 4 San Diego

Recently, Dr. Center was featured in a special report by NBC Channel 4 News San Diego, entitled Anti-Aging Technique Under Microscope.  The report featured Dr. Center, alongside one of his 55-year-old female patients, Barbara, who began treatment with Dr. Center shortly after she started experiencing mood swings, sleep problems and a general sense of a declining well-being. Upon her initial visit with Dr. Center, Barbara underwent a series of diagnostic blood and saliva tests, to determine where her hormone levels were at. Dr. Center then takes inventory of the patient’s symptoms, medical history and lifestyle. Based on state-of-the-art testing and a thorough assessment of the patient, Dr. Center is ready to prescribe a customized bioidentical hormones regimen, compounded to address Barbara’s specific needs.  

The most commonly prescribed bioidentical hormones are estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Most patients experience a significant difference and begin feeling themselves again within the first six weeks of starting treatment.

While some doctors believe that hormones will not stop or slow down the aging process, they do admit that they can make a tremendous difference for women struggling with menopause symptoms.

Furthermore, Barbara is satisfied with her results and feels like her symptoms are improving a little more each day, ending with “I am happy with it [bioidentical hormone therapy], it seems to be something that you need that you are not aware of.”

Watch Here: San Diego Bioidentical Hormones Expert Dr. Center on NBC Channel 4 San Diego

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