Living Better, Longer with Dr. Roger Garcia

On Tuesday, February 19, the Westerville City Schools Academic Enrichment Center hosted a free parent workshop entitled “Age is Just a Number: Living Better, Longer in the 21st Century.” Dr. Roger Garcia, Medical Director of BodyLogicMD of Columbus and author of the book, Aged to Perfection, discussed the secrets to living a longer life, all the while … Continued

Meet Miami Bioidentical Hormones Expert, Marlynn Nunez, M.D.

Meet Dr. Marlynn Nunez, of BodyLogicMD of Miami Dr. Marlynn Núñez devotes the Miami-based bioidentical hormones practice she shares with fellow BodyLogicMD affiliated physician, Mike Lee, M.D., to helping women and men find relief from conditions of hormonal imbalance, including perimenopause, menopause, andropause (the male menopause), thyroid disorder and adrenal fatigue. Dr. Núñez offers her … Continued

Meet Edison Bioidentical Hormones Expert, Smita Ohri, M.D.

Meet Dr. Smita Ohri, Medical Director of BodyLogicMD of Edison Smita Ohri, MD is the Owner and Medical Director of the New Jersey Area practice. She uses bioidentical hormone therapy and customized nutrition and fitness programs to treat the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Symptoms can start as early as in the mid thirties, perimenopause, menopause … Continued

Meet Dallas Bioidentical Hormones Expert, Phyllis Okereke, M.D.

Dr. Phyllis Okereke practices integrative and preventive medicine alongside fellow BodyLogicMD affiliated physician, Lisa Gorn, BodyLogicMD of Dallas. Dr. Okereke treats women and men with individualized wellness programs tailored to address each patient’s specific, personal needs.

Opening the Doors to Hormone Health for Even More Atlantans

Even more residents of the City of Trees will be able to enjoy better health through natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy now that Larisa Bradford, M.D. is joining Dr. Jeffrey Donohue at BodyLogicMD of Atlanta.

The BodyLogicMD Difference

Physicians within the BodyLogicMD network dedicate their practice to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. We undergo extensive training above and beyond our basic medical training.

Meet Naperville Bioidentical Hormones Expert, Michelle Schultz, M.D.

The thing I like most about integrative medicine is that it gives me the opportunity to have a greater impact on my patients’ overall health and wellness, by taking a more proactive approach to address underlying issues and help them prevent disease further down the road, rather than merely treating symptoms as they surface. Additionally, integrative and functional medicine enables me to treat my patients according to their unique needs and develop customized wellness plans that they can follow with ease.

Meet Naples Bioidentical Hormones Expert, Robert Rubin, M.D.

For the past 20 years, I have worked with patients in geriatric stages that have missed the opportunity for preventative health. With BodyLogicMD, I am able to help my patients take proactive steps towards optimal health, giving them the ability to age gracefully and improve mobility, memory, libido and overall vitality.

Meet Sacramento Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Expert, Bob Ghelfi, M.D.

More and more patients come to me with the signs of hormonal imbalance, including fatigue, depression, night sweats, hot flashes, foggy thinking, weight gain and diminished libido. With a combination of BHRT – arguably the most effective treatment for hormonal imbalance – a structured fitness regime and a diet rich in antioxidants and nutrients, we can help the women and men who come to us achieve optimum health.

Meet Chicago Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Expert, Joseph Mazzei, M.D.

“It’s all about lifestyle – the more effort you put into living a healthy life, the longer you’ll live and the better you’ll feel because of it. And while diet and exercise are critical components of a healthy lifestyle, it’s also important to take a look at sleep patterns, stress levels, nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities and other factors that could potentially lead to health challenges later on in life.”