A Patient’s Story

Recently, a patient of mine took the time to write a little about her experience using bioidentical hormones at my practice. I was so touched by her words of thanks that I had to share it with all of you! See what she has to say below: dear dr. landa……. i just wanted to thank … Continued

Medical Mondays: What do patients have to say about BodyLogicMD?

Medical Mondays – You ask the questions and our highly trained bioidentical hormones experts will post your answer LIVE! Q: I’ve been using synthetic HRT for 2 years and now I am finally considering making the switch to natural biodientical hormones. I’ve seen many ads for doctor’s scpecializing in biodientical hormone therapy and your name … Continued

Bioidentical Hormones Helped Me Overcome Hypothyroidism

It seemed like everything just started to fall apart. All of a sudden, I started feeling like I was 90. My body was achy, everything snapped, crackled and popped when I moved, and I was cold all the time. I just was not right.

50+ and Fabulous After Starting on Bioidenticals!

BodyLogicMD covers the gamut – nutrition, rest, fitness – all of those combined have helped me get in balance. I feel really great now and have been feeling wonderful! I actually felt good enough to compete in Mrs. Georgia United States 2009 and I won photogenic and tied for the Swimsuit Award (with someone who was born the year my husband and I got married)! I would never have been able to do that if I hadn’t seen Dr. Donohue. It felt so great when I won the swimsuit award – and I was competing with women in their 20’s! Taking good care of yourself and getting the right kind of medical advice can make all the difference…

Patient Testimonial for Dr. Steve Center BodyLogicMD San Diego

Rob M., patient of Dr. Center of BodyLogicMD San Diego, speaks on his positive experience on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. BodyLogicMD’s Dr. Center treated Rob M. for a hormonal imbalance and brought back his “vitality, health and happiness.” We’ll let Rob M. say the rest:

Our patients are sharing their stories with Oprah

Julie K shares her story of finding relief in bioidentical hormone therapy replacement for her mood swings, foggy memory, and other symptoms of menopause when she became a patient of Dr. Alicia Stanton of BodyLogicMD Connecticut.