From Diet to Detox—7 Easy Ways to Detoxify Your Body

Whole-Body Cleanse Made Simple by BodyLogicMD Unless you have avoided the internet, magazines, reality TV, and Dr. Oz for the last decade, you have most likely heard about detoxing. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyoncé, and even “Real Housewives” have embraced and promoted detoxes ranging from one-day cleanses to drinking nothing but a mixture of lemon … Continued

Day 5 detox

All is well with just two more days of detoxing with Core Restore and proper eating for our BodylogicMD of Sacramento crew. It has become easy now and everything feels good. The menu has expanded and hopefully our bellies have shrunk a little. A couple more days of veggies and beans and rice and our … Continued

Detox day 3

We are 2 1/2 days into a 1 week detox being accomplished with some of our patients at BodylogicMD of Sacramento. The first two days were essentially complete fasting days other than 4 scoops of Orthomolecular Core Restore mixed with water. Those were kind of hard days with limited calories, long hours at work and … Continued

Detoxification Video Log: Days 9 and 10, The final days

I hope you enjoyed going through this detox with me, but I especially hope it has shown you that detoxification is not that difficult and is an important step toward restoring or preserving your health.   Google+

Detoxing with our patients

Today marks the beginning of our program during which we detox with some of our patients. Everyone knows that we accumulate toxins over time. Sometimes through the air we breath, or the food we eat or because our metabolic pathways are deficient. Today we embark on a one week, intense detox to rid the body … Continued

Detoxification Video Log: Days 5 & 6 of 10

Half way there!  This is the toughest part of the Detox, but I’m rollin’ now!  I’m actually detoxing while watching the Bears game…Unheard of!   Google+