Testosterone Therapy Can Reduce Heart Attack Risk

A study involving 24,000 Medicare patients suggests that contrary to popular belief, testosterone therapy does not increase the risk of heart attack. In fact, researchers say that the use of testosterone therapy actually reduced heart attack risk by 30 percent in a group of men that we’re classified as “high risk” based on several other … Continued

Discover the Secrets of Your Thyroid

As Chief Medical Officer of BodyLogicMD, I’ve put together a monthly interview series with some important minds in the field of medicine – top physicians and medical experts across the nation. Join me each month as I unravel the signs, symptoms and solutions to some of the toughest health concerns. Hear the latest breakthroughs in … Continued

Testosterone and Metabolic Syndrome

Here is yet more evidence of the profound beneficial effects of testosterone on the male body. According to a research paper presented this month at the International Diabetes Federation World Diabetes Congress, replacing testosterone to normal levels in middle aged and elderly men significantly improved all components of metabolic syndrome in 24 months. Positive benefits … Continued

Medical Mondays: What is andropause?

Medical Mondays – You ask the questions and our highly trained bioidentical hormones experts will post your answer LIVE! Q: My wife has been using bioidentical hormones for several months now and she is very happy with the results. She is seeing a BodyLogicMD physician here in Dallas and she tells me that men have … Continued

Testosterone and prostate cancer

Most patients are told by their doctor that high testosterone is risky for prostate cancer. And it was taboo to treat a patient with prostate cancer with testosterone since it was similar to ” pouring fuel on a fire”. The New England Journal of Medicine performed an extensive review and found no evidence thAt men … Continued

Testosterone Applications

I have consistently found in couples in which the man is using topical testosterone, the woman will be overdosed with testosterone. In spite of careful hand-washing after application the man will spread testosterone to the woman through skin to skin touching sheets pillowcases towels etc. Women only need 1/10 to 1/20 of the testosterone that … Continued

Medical Mondays: Does Male Menopause Really Exist?

Medical Mondays – You ask the questions and our highly trained bioidentical hormones experts will post your answer LIVE! Q: A co-worker told me that he started using bioidentical testosterone injections prescribed by his doctor to help with symptoms of male menopause or “andropause.” He told me that he was feeling how I’ve been feeling … Continued

How Long Do I Need To Take Hormones?

I often get asked this question by my patients, and I advise them to consider some important facts about hormone therapy. Most patients come to see me because they’re experiencing symptoms of hormone deficiencies and want to feel better. This is an important aspect of hormone therapy. We all want to feel better and have … Continued

Testosterone and Diabetes

This month is Diabetes awareness month. The statistics are alarming and rising. 12% of men over the age of 20 have diabetes in this country. This rises to 27% for those over 65 years old. It is our North American diet that is to blame. I tell my patients the most important thing they can … Continued