Are your supplements making you sick?

Popular health supplements available at big-box retailers have been under recent scrutiny by the Food and Drug Administration for not containing the ingredients they claim, and in some cases containing dangerous filler compounds. According to an article published by the New York Times, authorities tested store-brand supplements at several national retailers, including Target, GNC, and Walmart. … Continued

Move Over Motrin, MERIVA Is Here

I just learned of a new product 2 weeks ago that is a testament to progress in natural medicine. For years medical science has known about the wonderful anti-inflammatory properties of the spice turmeric and it’s active ingredient curcumin. The culture of India uses it widely in many of its food and curry dishes, and … Continued

I’m Not A Statin Fan

I’M NOT A STATIN FAN Having practiced medicine since graduating medical school in 1987, I’ve watched several trends come and go in American medicine. Now that my specialization involves prevention, wellness, hormone therapy and medicine looking at causes (rather than just symptom relief), I’ve seen a better view of how the statin group of medications … Continued