Progesterone, PMS, and Constipation

Tips to Help Avoid PMS-Related Constipation by BodyLogicMD   Do you suffer from “periodic” bouts of constipation―that is, constipation that occurs in the second half of your menstrual cycle? If so, that’s not coincidental. Your hormones likely play an active role in these episodes. After you produce an egg through ovulation, and before your period … Continued

Medical Mondays: What are some lesser known symptoms of menopause?

I’ve been doing some reading on bioidentical hormone therapy, because a lot of my symptoms point towards a hormonal imbalance – I’m guessing early menopause because I’m only 34… Many of the symptoms, like hot flashes, night sweats etc. don’t affect me, but I’m tired all the time and have put a lot of weight on recently. I’ve also been really bloated lately, but haven’t found any link between menopause and bloating, so I’m not certain that’s what it is. Are there other symptoms of menopause that aren’t talked about as much as hot flashes and all the other trademark menopause symptoms?