Treating Diabetes with Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Low Testosterone Impact on Type 2 Diabetes by BodyLogicMD Type 2 diabetes can take a massive toll on everyday life. From diet and lifestyle changes to constantly monitoring insulin levels—as well as potentially coping with symptoms like fatigue, frequent infection, and blurred vision—dealing with diabetes can make life incredibly difficult. But a new study offers … Continued

Testosterone Imbalance in Men and Women

by BodyLogicMD Testosterone falls under a group of hormones called androgens, best known as male hormones but very important in female hormone health as well. Androgens regulate and affect several different functions within the body. Testosterone, for one, primarily helps the body to produce a feeling of being more alert and energized, as well as … Continued

The Little Pink Pill: Real Hope or All Hype?

The “little pink pill” is continuing to stir up controversy. The FDA is struggling with the decision of whether or not to give the pill—designed to boost a woman’s libido—its stamp of approval. Recent reports have found that flibanserin, the female equivalent of the “little blue pill”, could lead to an increased risk of fainting, … Continued

Low T Treatment is High Reward, Low Risk

Testosterone therapy has rapidly become one of the most popular forms of hormone replacement therapy – changing the lives of both men and women across the globe. The popularity of the treatment hinges on the quality of life benefits it offers, including more energy, enhanced sex drive and increased lean body mass—just to name a … Continued