Dr. Center Live: Menopause VS. MAN-opause

Dr  Stephen Center ColorAs a recognized expert in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), Dr. Stephen Center of BodyLogicMD of San Diego, CA. was featured as a guest on San Diego Living.  Dr. Center shared his insight on how men and women can relieve their symptoms of hormonal imbalance in order to make “the change” a smoother transition. Using a customized plan that includes bioidentical hormone therapy (when necessary) and a combination of a healthy fitness regimen and balanced nutrition and supplementation, he has helped his patients find relief for their menopause and andropause (the male menopause) symptoms.  Hormonal imbalance can manifest itself through a host of symptoms including, mood swings, weight gain, memory problems, lack of sex drive, loss of muscle mass, etc.  BodyLogicMD is the nation’s largest network of BHRT physicians and as a part of the network, Dr. Center can access the highest quality labs and compounding pharmacies to give his patients the best care possible.  He also went on to discuss the effectiveness of saliva and blood testing to determine a patient’s current hormone levels.  Using the most accurate diagnostic results and conducting a comprehensive interview with the patient about his or her symptoms, Dr. Center provides his patients with a customized treatment plan. 


Click on this link to watch Dr. Center’s video – (Look on the right-hand column, under recent videos, scroll down and click on “Dr. Stephen Center Helps with Hot Flashes”)

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