Dr. Landa Weighs in on Recent NY Times Article: “Vigor Quest”

BodyLogicMD Medical Director Jennifer Landa, M.D. weighs in on the recent NY Times article that accounted the experiences of middle-aged John Bellizzi (51) during andropause. The article demonstrated how integrative therapies can help men overcome symptoms of the male menopause, known as andropause.  

Here’s what Dr. Landa had to say on the matter:

“As a physician practicing integrative medicine, I sincerely applaud the efforts of Dr. Florence Comite and Dr. Jeffry Life.  In my training as an OB/GYN I came across hundreds of women that I felt that I wasn’t able to help with traditional medical therapies.  This was an extremely frustrating experience.  I became aware of integrative medicine around the time that the WHI study was prematurely stopped in 2002.  This was when traditional hormone therapy (Prempro) was shown to carry with it an increased risk of breast cancer and stroke. It was great timing since the traditional therapies were shown to be less safe.   

Since practicing integrative medicine which integrates hormone therapy, lifestyle changes and nutritional supplementation I have found a way to help hundreds of patients live the quality of life that they yearn for.  The regimens prescribed were so successful for my female patients that they sent their husbands to me as well wondering what could be done for them.  I have extended my education by hundreds of hours beyond my traditional OB/GYN training to learn more about the most relevant studies on hormone replacement therapy and nutritional supplements and the advantages that these therapies can afford to our patients.  This training is through the Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.  I have also become board-certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.  This extra training has given me the knowledge to be able to treat my patients in a way that helps them to make lifestyle changes and balance their hormones to improve many of the symptoms that they suffer as they enter mid-life.  

Most of my patients come to the office with complaints of insomnia, mood swings, memory and cognitive changes, low energy, hair loss, decreased libido and weight gain or some combination of these.  The effects have been so severe in many that they have noticed differences in their ability to maintain personal relationships or careers or the symptoms just stop them from doing what they want to do.  In addition many people start to notice an increase in health challenges including high cholesterol, high blood sugar, obesity, heart disease and osteoporosis. All of these symptoms and medical problems have been shown to be related to hormone imbalance. Hormone replacement has been shown to prevent and reverse many of these symptoms and diseases in studies and in my patients themselves.   Many people aren’t aware that there is an opportunity to do this safely and effectively.  This hormone replacement can be achieved with the same exact hormones that were in our bodies when we were younger.  These regimens have helped hundreds of my patients regain a quality of life that they thought they would never see again.

Many people come to my office complaining that they have severe issues that are either ignored or misunderstood by traditional medicine doctors.  Many of them have had huge workups with expensive tests, all to find out that “there is nothing wrong”.  Many patients state that I am their last hope.  They have been to traditional doctors that offer them prescription pills to try to solve their problems and each complaint layers on a new pill. The new pills frequently cause side effects which unfortunately sometimes are treated with more new pills.  With integrative medicine we look for a more global reason that a patient has the multiple symptoms that they present with.  Many times these symptoms are related to poor diet, lack of exercise, exposure to harmful chemicals and lifestyle changes are needed and often times the symptoms are also related to hormone imbalance as well.  Many times just fixing the lifestyle problems can correct hormone imbalance and sometimes it is a matter of hormone replacement but either way, many times it is the solution to a problem that for the patient has been unanswered by any other treatment method they have tried.

I am part of a national network of physicians called BodyLogicMD which provides this type of medical care to patients all over the country.  Our physicians are all trained through to above-mentioned Fellowship and have all achieved Anti-Aging and Regenerative Board Certification which is the most rigorous training program available for doctors in this field.  Unfortunately, as in any field, there are those who practice under the heading of Anti-Aging medicine who do make outrageous claims and tout treatments that are not scientifically sound.  These practitioners are a cause for concern but should not color the way that one looks at the entire field.   I would encourage all potential patients to do their due-diligence when deciding where and from whom to obtain this type of medical care.  

I am encouraged that the NY Times has shed some light on integrative or age-management medicine so that more patients and their doctors can become aware of what is possible with this newer discipline.”

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