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Dr_-Alicia-Stanton-Color-CropBodyLogicMD Chief Medical Officer Dr. Alicia Stanton was recently featured on an episode of Let’s Talk Live, discussing how using bioidentical hormones to balance your hormones can aid in disease prevention. During the segment, Dr. Stanton talks about the damaging effects of environmental toxins such as pesticides, pollution and consumer products and how they can propagate hormonal imbalance, which can lead to further disease and ailment.   

Consumer products are riddled with toxins that we come in contact with each day. Bottled water is manufactured with plastics that contain an organic compound known as bisphenol A or BPA. In the body, BPA acts like estrogen or thyroid hormone and has been linked to thyroid disorders and estrogen imbalance in children. Plastics and synthetic compounds aren’t the only consumer products to yield a high risk. It turns out that our fruits and vegetables pose an equal risk to our health, because of the pesticides and insecticides used in cultivation. And if you think avoiding fruits, vegetables and bottled water will save you, think again. Even by taking a step outside, you’re risking exposure to a myriad of harmful pollutants in the air.

A recent article published in The New York Times discussed the many risks associated with products containing BPA. The article says that according to a study, more than 92% of Americans have BPA in their urine and have linked BPA to everything from breast cancer to obesity. It turns out that the estrogen-like compound has been feared since the 1930’s, but has just recently caught significant widespread concern.

Here are some tips from Dr. Alicia Stanton on what you can do to avoid environmental toxins:

  • Ditch the bottled water! – Instead of throwing money down the drain, buying overpriced cases of bottled water, invest in a quality water filter to cut own on the cost of water and reduce your exposure to BPA.
  • No more cans or unsafe plastics! – When at all possible, avoid purchasing consumer products that have been packaged in cans or plastics, especially products that are acidic. There are a lot of other options, such as glass or the “safer plastics” (Numbers 1, 2, 4 or 5).
  • Mind your meat! – Avoid consuming meats that have been treated with synthetic hormones and antibiotics. These chemicals and hormones have damaging effects on the human body.
  • Take a clean shower – Don’t just filter the water you drink – filter the water that you use to bath or shower with. Our body is porous and toxins can seep into our bloodstream if the water we’re using isn’t filtered properly.  

Watch Dr. Stanton on Let’s Talk Live! (It’s the fourth story down from the top)

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