Environmental estrogen

How many of our collective medical problems might be related to environmental exposure to estrogen like compounds? Xenoestrogens (think chemicals) are everywhere. From the meat we eat, the plastic we drink from and the pesticides used to keep bugs off our food. We ingest these substances and they stick around in our body for a long time, because we don’t have good ways of excreting them. Once inside they act like estrogen in some ways and bind to some of our receptors.

Many health related problems, including early menarche, obesity, sleep disturbances, and maybe even breast cancer could be attributed to the rise in environmental estrogens.

Stay away from pesticides. Eat organic and meat that isn’t treated with hormones. Don’t microwave in plastic containers. Being aware of what we might be ingesting which might be causing serious long term problems can be very important, especially as it relates to our youth. Fortunately there is more and more education and knowledge in this area.

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