Hormone imbalances

Hormone imbalance can occur at any age and in any one. This is a very common problem in today’s society. This is due to the complexities of how our human physiology adapts and responds to life. Life is complex and therefore requires our hormonal system to be complex to respond to this. For example, female menstrual cycles often cease with vigorous exercise routines. This is a response to normal aggressive physical stress. It is a normal adaptive response. We also see this type of response to anorexia where the body responds to a physical stress of malnutrition by cessation of periods. No loss of blood occurs and the body is able to conserve both fluids and nutrients as well as prevent the increase burden of pregnancy on the body.
Much more commonly in America is the body’s response to emotional and psychological stress. Whether it be financial, or work or relationship stress, brain hormones change to adapt to the situation. This incurs a secondary response to the adrenal cortisol system which then interferes with the sex hormone system. Patients often complain of trouble sleeping, overeating, and loss of sex drive. Life becomes miserable. It is a slow spiral downward as one system imbalance involves another and them another.
When patients come to see me they often expect a one pill solution to their symptoms even though this has already been tried by the four or five doctors they have already seen before me. Instead we must balance the hormonal systems and try to unravel the cascade of stress responses that have occurred. Sometimes this is simple and sometimes this is complex but it is well worth the investment as the rewards are improved vitality and quality of life.

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