Imbalanced Hormones Contribute to Weight Gain and make Weight Loss More Difficult to Achieve

 An article in the January 2009 Reader’s Digest, “13 Things You Never Knew About Your Weight” by Joanne Chen discusses several contributors to weight gain and weight loss that are not commonly known.  Among these contributors mentioned are imbalanced hormones.

Stress can not only cause cravings for ‘comfort food’ that are high in fat and sugar, but the stress hormone, cortisol, can induce fat storage.  Stress to the body means that it needs to protect itself and move into survivor mode, this means storing food in fat cells for later use.  Take a look at this article to learn more about the effects of stress and how to manage its impact on the body.  As Chen suggests, “make time for stress relief.”

The article also discussed how getting more sleep can actually assist weight loss.  The reason, beyond attaining the energy to exercise, is hormonal.  The prolonged pattern of too little sleep is very stressful on the body and actually throws at least 10 different hormones off balance.  Among these hormones is the aforementioned cortisol and estrogen, testosterone, leptin and ghrelin.  The sleep caused hormonal imbalance increases appetite and fat storage and can cause other issues with fertility, cardiac and mental health.  To learn more about sleep and hormones, see this article.  “Indeed, sleep may be the cheapest and easiest obesity treatment there is,” states Chen.

Outside of the hormonal influences of weight gain clearly there are nutritional influences.  Beyond just cutting down on the comfort food, our physicians success a diet rich in antioxidants which possess incredible health advantages.  You can find great sources of antioxidants in cruciferous vegetables like cabbage and broccoli and in organic garlic, fish oils, and red grapes to name a few.  Learn more about antioxidants here.

Weight loss is a lot easier to achieve when your hormones are balanced and when you are getting enough antioxidants.

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