Naples Bioidentical Hormones Expert Dr. Robert Rubin Comments on USA Today Article

Osteoporosis drugs may do more harm than good…

According to a recent article published on, the long-term use of osteoporosis drugs (bisphosphonates) such as Boniva, Fosamax and Reclast, can increase the risk hip fractures and breaks. Although the drugs affect men more or less the same, women are more likely to suffer from conditions stemming from low bone mass, making them prime candidates for the drugs. It’s estimated that 10 million Americans have been diagnosed with osteoporosis – a condition where the bones becomes brittle and porous – and 34 million Americans suffer from poor bone density and risk spine and hip fractures.

IMS Health ranks bisphosphonates among the top-selling prescriptions in the country, raking in over $3.5 billion each year. On the short term, these drugs can be helpful in restoring bone density; however, if used for more than five years, studies have proven that women can experience rapid deterioration of bone tissue, oftentimes resulting in hip breaks and fractures.

Here’s what BodyLogicMD physician Robert Rubin, M.D. had to say:

“Dr Joseph Lane is quoted by USA Today, saying, “…they are initially effective in slowing bone loss…” However, the question was: What about long-term? Hormone therapy has proven to be an effective solution to help preserve bone health and prevent future bone loss, without harmful drugs.  There are also many supplements, vitamins and minerals which are also helpful in restoring bone health.”

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