How long do I need to take Bioidentical Hormones?


I’ve been on bioidentical hormones for about 4 years and feel great.  But now I need to decide how long to stay with them and need answers.  I am not just concerned about the return of those menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, etc. but more concerned about the accelerated effects of aging (dry skin/hair,  more wrinkles, hardening of arteries etc)  if I choose to stop using these youthful hormones.  On Oprah, they did not discuss this issue, but Robin McGraw says to do a lot of research on your own .  Does anyone have some good advice here?


Your body will let you know how long you will need BHRT. As your body changes,the amount of hormones you will need may change. That is why we check levels from time to time. It is likely that your body will once again start producing hormones at optimal levels again once a decline in levels has been established. You may need to maintain healthy hormone levels with BHRT for the rest of your life.

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Dr. Joseph Mazzei of BodyLogicMD of Chicago

Dr. Greg Pippert of BodyLogicMD discusses how long you need to take BHRT once you start.

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